Make your own hoodie!

You will need:

- a plain hoodie
-marker pens
-optional sequins, tie die ink, thread, needle

First get out your hoodie, if you really want to be creative or make a lot of mess I would recommend you put newspaper under your masterpiece. 
Secondly, take out your colours and Cherify it! You could have SWAGGER JAGGER at the back or maybe settle for a CHER LLOYD at the front. Feeling up for a challenge? Do both. Next if you can, get a picture of Cher and print in onto your hoodie. Shops that can personalise your stuff are an easier option - but don't be shocked for a expensive price! You can now add sequins or buttons, but sew them on carefully so they don't fall off. Glue is not helpful. Make it as creative as you can.

Get some tie die and soak in in a bucket full of water. Soak for about 10 - 20 minutes. Once the time's up, pull in out rinse and then pop in on the washing line to dry. 
You have your HOMEMADE free Swagger Jagger hoodie!
(Not in the homemade spirit? You can always ebay it, or down to the personalise shop...) 
Useful site:
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